Casa DuPage Workers Center

Casa Dupage Workers Center (Centro de Trabajadores Casa DuPage)

Our mission is to organize and educate workers around their labor rights and responsibilities towards others at the work place. We inspire collective struggles, campaigns for better wages and above all respect and dignity at the workplace.

Our Workers Center meets every Saturday in our community center at 213 S. Wheaton, Wheaton, Illinois from 3:30-5:00 PM. All are welcome and invited to sit in on our forums. You do not need to be Latino to sit in, and we speak both English and Spanish! We will listen to first hand accounts from workers in the community about injustices that they face in the workplace. These often range from racial and gender discrimination to labor abuses and wage theft. We will brainstorm ideas as to how we can come together as a community and help to end these abuses. If you wish, you will have an opportunity to speak and offer input. You are also invited to just listen and inform yourself about the various labor practices that occur in our community that you may not be aware of. Part of our goal is to create a more informed citizenry so that it may make better informed community and consumer decisions!

Our schedule is subject to change. Please click on our calendar of events to check for updates!

If you’d like to talk to us about a labor abuse or discrimination that you or someone you know is experiencing then please feel free to contact us using the information listed in our Contact Us page.