Press Release - Wage Theft Recovery

Contact: Cristobal Cavazos
Immigrant Solidarity DuPage
630-510-8500, Ext. 107

Wage Theft Defrauds American Workers Of Billions Every Year

Wheaton, Illinois (October 2019) - Wage theft in the United States is an endemic problem. It affects wage workers of all backgrounds, and is especially rampant among immigrants. Immigrants may feel less able to assert their rights, due to their status or their lack of knowledge about work rules in the USA and the available remedies.

Casa DuPage Worker Center has success recovering stolen wages for workers. We recently had a worker ask for our help getting unpaid wages from an automotive business. The worker had entered into an employment relationship with the assurance of receiving a minimum number of paid hours per week. After several months of satisfactory performance by the employer, the worker’s hours began to steadily diminish. The worker complained to the employer, and the employer refused to honor the agreement. When the worker resigned, the employer punitively refused to pay for the remaining hours worked. Casa DuPage reviewed the facts of the case and found serious infractions of Illinois labor law, including the improper classification of the worker. We drafted a demand letter to the employer, and the worker was promptly paid in full.

Casa DuPage Worker Center welcomes all wage workers to confidentially discuss with us any issues they are having with wage theft, workplace harassment, labor organizing, and Social Security EDCOR (‘No Match’) letters.

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