Since 2007, Immigrant Solidarity DuPage has worked with local community members to advocate for social justice in the DuPage community. Here are some of our past achievements:

November, 2007: Immigrant and Labor Rights Workshop at College of Dupage, Glen Ellyn with special guest Jorge Mujica and a panel of local area activists

May 1, 2008: Immigrant Solidarity Dupage contingent in Chicago March

October 2008: “No More Immigrant Bashing in Dupage!” Press Conference in Front of (6th Dst.) Congressman Peter Roskam’s Office

February 2009: Forum with Armando Robles on the Republic Window Worker’s Historic Strike with special guest Jorge Mujica

March 2009: Victory Against Steak and Shake Restaurant which was planning firings of many Latino workers in its Glendale Heights and Elk Grove Village locations

May 1, 2009: May Day Train Station Rally in Glen Ellyn w/ Dupage contingent in Chicago March

May 16, 2009: Police Abuse Forum with special guests from Citizen Advocacy Center and the National Center for Justice

August 2009: Screening of “A Forgotten Injustice” w/ Special Guest Vicente Serrano

October, 2009: Community Forum with Padre Jose Landaverde of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission with very special guest Jorge Mujica

November, 2009: Labor Rights Workshop with United Electrical Workers Union (UE)

December, 2009: Community Forum: Towards a Just Legalization for All w/Martin Unzueta and Diego Bonesatti. Featuring a panel of local activists including Rita Gonzalez, Dupage County Board; Jose Vera, student leader, College of Dupage: Matt Soerenson, World Relief Dupage; and Rafael Vieyra, co-founder, Immigrant Solidarity Dupage

May 1, 2010: Glen Ellyn May Day Train Station Rally

June 12, 2010: In Dupage We Are Arizona: Counterprotest Minutemen!

July 31, 2010:Dupage Dia de la Raza: We Are All Arizona!

January 2017: May Day March in Chicago.